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Why Should I Even Care About Cryptocurrency?

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Who we are

Learn. Play. Win!

SquareWon was created to help facilitate the mass adoption of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. We'll do this by combining a “fantasy crypto trading game” and an outcomes based, decentralized and continually optimized online learning platform. Our goal, to enable newcomers to the space with what they need to thrive in this new digital economy!


Forget the technical jargon and nerdy mumbo-jumbo. Learn everything you need to understand how to successfully trade crypto in a simple and accessible way. 


With our fantasy-style crypto trading game, you can test out your trading strategies with your friends in a safe and fun environment without risking real capital in the crypto markets.


With SquareWon, you’ll be in a great position to take advantage of the growing crypto markets which are estimated to be worth $5 trillion by 2030 with exciting play-to-win games available where you’ll be able to win big.


Looking at the Crypto space, it can feel like the Wild West out there, but with our platform we can shelter you from the scam artists, bad actors and arm you with the information you need to be successful.

With SquareWon, we’re creating a platform that you can trust to deliver the information you need about the crypto space without the risk of losing your capital.


Our platform combines gaming and learning, making crypto discovery and experimentation an absolute riot. With our learning platform and fantasy-style Crypto game, you’ll be able to have fun with your friends while learning the best crypto investment strategies.


Crypto can be overwhelming with so much jargon. Imagine being able to understand what even the most sophisticated crypto investor is saying – which will help you decide when to invest your money and when to hold onto it.

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Learn What You Need To Know About Crypto & Start Investing

Not sure how to begin investing in cryptocurrency? SquareWon takes an interactive approach to education that is supported by coaching, access to a cohort of other learners, and gameplay to hone newly learned skills.

Play to Win

It’s Game Time. We’re Here To Turn Crypto Skeptics Into Crypto Fans

Ready to put your crypto skills to the test? Play our cryptocurrency trading game and win big!  

Welcome to SquareWon

SquareWon is a comprehensive educational and gaming platform that will allow users to learn about cryptocurrency in a safe, fun, and curated environment. We’ll be the go-to platform for people who have little or no understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency. A place where they can come to learn, play, and develop the ability to invest with confidence in this exciting new world.

Beyond the basics, SquareWon will help people test their existing knowledge and deepen their understanding of the space. Crucially, it will enable people to acquire the essential skills that will allow them to thrive when cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology become widely utilized.

All on a fantastic gaming and learning platform.


How SquareWon Is Changing The Game

The Future Of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

We believe that cryptocurrencies and blockchain will be as revolutionary as the Internet — meaning that in 5 to 10 years it will be impossible to do business without integrating these technologies.

SquareWon is starting at the beginning of this amazing and fascinating journey — hence the name, SquareWon.

And you can come along for the ride with us!

How Are We Different?

There is no one doing what we do, combining learning, trading, and gaming into one curated space.

We’re creating a series of courses and a really cool game to allow you to understand how to invest in cryptocurrency without the ramifications of losing your entire life savings.

Experience The SquareWon Community

SquareWon is dedicated to creating an exciting game with user learning pathways, all backed up with a supportive and engaged network of like-minded individuals.

The Potential of SquareWon

As the crypto space expands, people like you will need a place to go to get ahead of the crypto curve.

We’ll be the go-to place to learn about crypto or to test out your newest trading theory against your friends. This will empower our community to get the most out of this world, encouraging them to be proactive rather than reactive.

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