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SquareWon is an educational and gaming platform that enables users to learn about cryptocurrency in an environment that is outcomes based with a curated learning pathway. We aim to be the “go-to” game for people interested in Crypto but don’t know where to start.  Our platform gives people the ability to interact with the crypto market in a safe “sandbox” environment.  It’s a place where people can come to learn, play, and win while developing the knowledge needed to invest with confidence in this exciting emerging market.

Beyond the basics, SquareWon will help people test their existing knowledge and deepen their understanding of the space. Crucially, it will enable people to acquire the essential skills that will allow them to thrive when cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology become more widely utilized.

Learn to Earn and Play to Earn

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Learn crypto in a way that doesn’t cause you to doze off. Our platform combines gaming and learning, as we’re on a mission to make learning crypto heaps of fun. Here you’ll get the right information from trusted sources.


At SquareWon, you can enter weekly and daily contests to win real crypto. Practice trading strategies without putting all your money at risk in the volatile crypto market before you are ready.


With SquareWon, you’ll be in a great position to take advantage of the growing crypto markets (estimated to be worth $5 trillion by 2030) with exciting play-to-win games available where you’ll be able to win SQ1 tokens


Looking at the Crypto space, it can feel like the Wild West.  Within our platform you’ll find shelter from the  scam artists, bad actors, and those ever-present acronyms (like FOMO, FUD, DEFI and DEX)  while you arm yourself with the information you’ll need to be successful.


Our platform combines gaming and learning, making crypto discovery and experimentation fun and exciting. With our learning platform and fantasy-style Crypto game, you’ll be able to play with your friends while learning crypto investment strategies that work.


Crypto can be overwhelming with so much jargon. Imagine being able to understand what even the most sophisticated crypto investor is saying – which will help you decide when to invest your money, when to sell, and when to hold onto it.

New to  crypto? Here’s a few topics to get you started.

Why Should I Even Care About Cryptocurrency?

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What’s an IDO?

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What’s is Web3?

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All about Crypto Wallets.

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How SquareWon Is Changing The Game

Safe For the Crypto Curious

We’ll be the go-to place to learn about crypto or to test out your newest trading theory against your friends without the risk of losing your life savings.

Fun For the Crypto Savvy

SquareWon combines learning, trading and gaming into one curated space. The SquareWon game is fun for people of all crypto levels. Even the most experienced crypto trader can compete against friends or foes with the chance of winning real crypto.

What Makes SquareWon Different

We started SquareWon because we saw how the traditional financial system was not educating people about cryptocurrency and blockchain. At SquareWon, we aim to change the perception of crypto and help make it more accessible so people better understand the space before investing.

Our Partners

We’re super stoked to be working with so many inspiring partners. They’re helping us realize our vision of blockchain mass adoption. Now that’s something to get excited about, right?

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