Play Against Your Friends in Our Fantasy-Style Crypto Trading Game

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We’re Making Crypto Fun For Beginners and Pros alike.

The SquareWon Game will test your skills in predicting the movement of cryptocurrency prices. Enter a contest, choose your playfolio from the top 100 cryptocurrencies and see how it performs against others. Then see where you can improve and make adjustments, all in a sandbox environment. You don’t have learn by risking your hard-earned money in the crypto markets. Then if you want to learn more, hop over to our training modules!

Oh, and did we mention that you can Earn SQ1 tokens while you play and learn?  Well, now we did.

Spice Up Your Crypto Journey with Our Fantasy-Style Crypto Trading Game

Play with Friends

Play with your friends, build your playfolio and show off those crypto skills!  Did the results show that those ‘crypto skills” are somewhat lacking?  Good. Now you have incentive to head over to our learning platform to sharpen those skills!

Check the Leaderboard

Check the Leaderboard and see who is winning. You can have a little friendly competion against your friends and claim those bragging rights! Message those friends to get your digs in if you are winning, or to take your lumps if you’re not.

Become A Winner

With SquareWon, everybody is a winner! Just kidding! We know there are losers. But that’s okay because you have a chance to learn what went wrong and how you can improve your crypto selection strategy with our learning platform.

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How Does The Crypto Trading Game Work?

Sign Up For a Contest

You’ll be able to enter a daily, weekly, or even monthly contest to test your skills againt friends and foes. All you have to do is sign in, enter your picks, and you’re off to the races!

Create Your Playfolio

Choose your favourite cryptocurrencies from the top 100 and add them to your Playfolio. Now it’s time to throw down the gauntlet and challenge your friends!

Check Your Standings

Login to find out where you stand against your fellow competitors. You can see how much you’ve gained or how much you’ve lost. Are you in the lead? Good! Don’t let anybody forget it!

Play to Earn SQ1 Tokens

Earn tokens by playing the game, completing education modules, referring friends, and so much more. Eventually, use these tokens in your favourite metaverse to buy your Mom the best virtual bouquet she’s ever seen. ;)

Ready to play? Be one of the early VIPs to test out the game. Spots are running out!