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We’re going to become your best crypto buddy. The crypto world is challenging and confusing. Let us help! At SquareWon you can learn what you need to know about cryptocurrency and blockchain without feeling like you’re back in high school.

We are a comprehensive educational platform that will allow users to learn about cryptocurrency and earn SQ1 tokens while doing so, even if they are starting from, well, square “one.”

Whether you are a newbie or just looking to up your knowledge and skills, we will help you deepen your understanding of the space. We aim to enable people to acquire the essential skills that will allow them to thrive when cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology take over the planet.


With our upcoming learning platform you’ll get a straightforward process that you’ll be able to use to have fun with your friends. All while learning the ins and outs of crypto.

Retention Quizzes

Nobody likes quizzes, am I right? Well you haven’t seen a SquareWon quiz before. And neither have we! We plan to create entertaining quizzes that will help you retain the information and find out where you stand.


Crypto can be overwhelming, but with SquareWon, you’ll have access to our community so you never have to do it alone. This can help you learn quicker so you won’t make as many mistakes.

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Learn to Earn

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